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Divergon Group

Divergon Group was founded in early 2010. The group’s goal is to identify sectors of investments with high profit potential with a special emphasis on real assets.
Divergon Group strategy is to create cooperation between designated funds and companies with the right technologies and experience at attractive fields, like TAMA 38.
The group is currently engaged in two main fields:  First, establishing innovative funds and second, establishing hedge funds and wealth management program.

The funds are characterized by the perception of an institutional fund with all that implies:

  • Transparency
  • Active trustee (from Deloitte group)
  • A thorough and comprehensive analysis of each companyproject
  • Investment Committee makes decisions in an orderly process

Divergon Group

Professional Duty

Teddy Appraisal And Management ltd

Ben Maor And Co, Law Offices and Notary

Shtainmetz Aminoach Trusttees LTD

Cohen Moshe CPO

Ernst & Young


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